LG777 unlimited daily rebate up to 0.8%,NBA100% recovery bonus

NBA100% recovery bonus

Unlimited daily rebate up to 0.8%

Unlimited Daily Rebate up to 0.8%, Daily Rebate for our valued players. PRODUCT All game suppliers (except YGG and PG)

Event time: January 1, 2023 00:00:00 – December 31, 2023 23:59:59

Unlimited daily rebate up to 0.8%

how to claim

Sign up for an account with LG777 and play slots, PVP and fishing games for rebate bonuses. Bonuses will be automatically credited to your game account wallet every day starting at 2pm.

NBA100% recovery bonus

Get a 100% Recovery Bonus on your first NBA bet attempt! Up to 1888P. Get a 100% recovery bonus up to 1888P on your first bet on the NBA Finals!

Early Access? Enjoy 100% cashback rewards

NBA100% recovery bonus

Participation requirements

1. Deposit on the day of betting

2. Only lose 50P and above betting amount

3. Only the first bet can be made after the event starts.

Participation bonus

100% Bonus (Maximum 1888P) , 5x turnover

How to claim

The screenshot is as shown below to contact CS to claim. Only within 24 hours of the announcement of the results of the competition.

LG777 VIP Privileges

LG777 is the most popular online casino platform in the Philippines, providing users with the most authentic feedback. what are you waiting for? Become a VIP immediately, a lot of gifts are waiting for you!

LG777 VIP Privileges

As a VIP of LG777, what can you enjoy?

1. VIP upgrade bonus, upgrade can enjoy extra bonus

2. Offline Gcash recharge can enjoy 2% special bonus

3. Lucky Draw Extra Lucky Draw

4. Upgrade to level 5 to enjoy 1v1 VIP customer service

5. Give special gifts, including luxury brand gifts, holiday gift certificates, smartphones, etc.

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