LG777:Deposit via PAYMAYA get that free bunos

2023 Birthday Bonuses

Paymaya Special 6% Bonus

Deposit via PAYMAYA get that free bunos. Direstso sa yong account.

Withdraw through PAYMAYA to get our special reward, this reward is only valid for players who deposit through our specific channels.

2023 Birthday Bonuses

Bonuses are calculated based on your deposit amount.

Calculation Rules

Deposit 500P, 500 x 6% =30P

The turnover is 500P+30P = 530P

Bonus will be deposited automatically, no application required.

2023 Birthday Bonuses

Best wishes to our dearest LG777 players!

Paymaya Special 6% Bonus

Eligibility : VIP 2 and above (previous depositor)

Bonus : 18P to 2888P

running water x1

how to apply

1. Please submit your application with your national identity card or any government-certified ID as proof.

2. The name of the applicant must be consistent with the name of the bank card/Gcash bound to the system.

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