LG777 casino slot machine game interface description

Origins of Slot Machines Slot machines, also known as “fruit machines” or “card machines,” are commonly found in casinos or electronic gaming arcades. The first slot machines were manufactured in the United States. The rise of online casinos has made it easy to do this no matter where you are. The slot machine has a coin slot and a lever that activates the machine, and the game starts when a gold coin is inserted. Three symbols on the center line must equal a win. Only one line is visible, so no upper, lower or diagonal lines count as wins. Slot machine game interface [rotation]:

Start betting. This button is also commonly called “Play” or “Start”.


This button will play automatically. This button is usually directly represented by “Auto”.

Players can use this button to set conditions for stopping automatic playback. Here we call it “strategy”. Each game platform has different strategies.

Some platforms also regard automatic game strategies as rewards only for high-level VIP players. Popular automatic game stopping strategies are: “Stop automatic games after playing N games”, “Stop automatic games when entering mini games”, “Win special rewards” Stop the automatic game “Award”


The number of paylines in the game.

Assuming that the specified maximum number of paylines in the slot game is 9, players can choose to bet on just one line or a total of nine lines, or between 1 and 9. Currently, in most games,

The default number of betting lines is the maximum number of lines. Players cannot choose to bet on multiple lines. The numbers on the left and right of the game window also represent the starting and ending number positions of each line.

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【Maximum number of lines】

The maximum number of paylines in the game.


Players can choose their single line bet size. This button is often called the “bet line”

【Maximum bet amount】

The maximum bet amount on a line. Some games offer players different bets to choose from,

Usually comes with a maximum bet, allowing players to jump directly to the maximum bet amount.

【Total bet amount】

The total bet value of a spin. Total bet = bet * number of lines, assuming 1 line has 2 points and the player has 25 all-in lines, the total bet required for this round is 2 * 25 = 50 points.


The total number of points earned by a man in a round.


Players record scores, and this field is often called “score” or “points.”


Game Rules Description This button is sometimes called the “paytable” because the original simple slot machines did not have complex game rules, just a simple paytable.

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